One of my places I love to go is the Westmount Greenhouse. It is within walking distance from my apartment. It is a great place to take pictures not only of the plants but of yourself. There is full of exotic flowers and plants that’s inside the building. It is free admission.


Photography is one of my hobbies and it was a great way to take pictures there. Westmount is a wonderful place to look around. There is always interesting cars to look at and the buildings are just amazing. It’s a mix between suburban and city life.


I lived in the country my whole life and just these past years I’ve been living in the city. The one thing I dislike most is the cold weather in the winter. It is so easy to get around by foot you don’t even need a car and so many events to go to. I won’t be staying here much longer I belong in the south.

I was walking on Maisonneuve street with my sister Monica on our back home. I noticed someone walked pass by us that looked like Karl Wolf. I looked back and I noticed he stopped and looked at us. I walk over to him and ask if he was Karl Wolf? He replied with a yes. I asked for a picture and went into a little conversation. You never know who you might meet just walking on the street.

11156389_10204280575116736_1570027115558271212_nKarl and I

He is a very guy didn’t rush us or anything like that. I went to his concert last year at the corona theatre in Montreal he is a great performer and maybe one day I would meet him and I did. I looked on the Miss Teenage Canada website and i realized he performed for the girls a few years back. It would be awesome if he did again. I knew Karl Wolf’s family lived in Montreal so I kind have had this feeling I could have bumped into him.

He performs at We Day that raises money for Free The Children. This fundraiser I will have to raise at least 400$ but whichever girl raises the most gets automatically into the top 20. My goal is to raise at least 1000$ to get a decent score for my Miss Teenage Canada pageant score.

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