I will admit I can get carried away on social media very easily. The tips below I found would be very helpful for myself. I want to share it with you all if you have problems like myself being on the phone to much. I will challenge myself for the next week or so and see how it goes.

Now that I’m back on social media, I still sometimes find myself checking my feeds like a crack addict. Here are some systems I use to not get dominated by my phone:

1. The Moment app has helped me not get out of control with my phone use. It monitors how much you use your phone each day and sends reminders when you go over your limits (limits that you set for yourself).

2. The Momentum add-on to Google Chrome reminds you what your main goal of the day is every time you open a tab on the internet so you don’t lose yourself in a rabbit hole of cat youtube videos when you’re supposed to be writing an important song or email or memo… Also has amazing photography.

3. Establish a morning routine where you don’t check your phone first thing. I’m hesitant to sound preachy here’s my routine:
•NIGHT BEFORE: Set my alarm for the morning and put phone on airplane mode the night before. Yes, your alarms will definitely still work while being on airplane mode.
•Wake Up.
•Drink a glass of water
•Brush my teeth
•Do Pushups
•Listen to the 100 Syllable Mantra (this chills me out)
•Go for a 5-10 minute walk outside WITHOUT my phone or music. Nothing in my pockets but keys.
•Make/eat breakfast. Right now I’m on the Slow Carb Diet. So usually a can of organic lentils, organic spinach, and maybe a hand full of almonds.
•Start they day. Then I check my texts. I don’t know if it’s placebo but the days that I stick to my routine tend to be much happier and the days where I start with texting/emailing/tweeting tend to feel much more scrambled.

4. Turn notifications off. This is important. This means that you will only see who has tweeted, messaged, or liked you when YOU decide you want to know…not when THEY decide they want you to know. This way, no one can hi-jack your attention or mood. This is surprisingly empowering. I realize some people have jobs where they need to be on call for their boss. In this case, turn notifications off of social media apps and leave them on your text apps. But for lucky me who has no boss (cuz of you guys :), my phone basically never makes noise or flashes, aside from alarms I set.

5. Strategically forget your phone. Often if I’m going into a dinner with friends I’ll leave the phone in the car on purpose. I work hard so when I’m with my buddies I want to actually be there enjoying our time, not frustrated because I read some email saying they don’t have the right kind of keyboard for the show in San Francisco or whatever.

Love yawl 😉

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