We all have dreams. Dreams are part of our life. Dreams motivate many of us to wake up the morning and push our limits every day. A lot of girls have the dream to be on the runway, be the girl with the wedding dress at the fashion week, be on the first page of Vogue Italia, saw their face for the new Chanel perfume… Well, for getting contract you need experience and majority of the girls of have this dream doesn’t know where and how to start. Something has been created for that it’s called: TOP MODEL SEARCH CANADA (http://topmodelsearchcanada.com/).


What is TOP MODEL SEARCH CANADA (http://topmodelsearchcanada.com/) ?

It’s a new thing created by Michelle Weswaldi, who is also the director of the beauty pageant Miss Teen Canada World (www.missteenagecanada.com) that I am part. It’s a mix of a beauty pageant and a workshop (a workshop is like America’s Next Top Model is to help girl to be a model). During a week in Toronto, the finalists will have the chance to meet agents, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists,… They will have the chance to learn about how to walk on the runway, talk in public (If you didn’t know, many of the publicities at the television are not actors, but modelsJ), how to pose, take care of your body, how to act during an interview for agency. Plus, Top Model Search Canada (http://topmodelsearchcanada.com/) give you the opportunity to build with you your portfolio (very good when you go meet an agents, they have to see how you work in front of the camera) with different photographers. For the pageant side, the top 3 will have the chance to represent Canada at international pageant like: Miss Supranational, Miss Supermodel international and Top Model of the world. To be part of TMSC (http://topmodelsearchcanada.com/) you have to:

–          17 to 27 years old.

–          At least 5ft7in (they accept 5’6 if you are exceptional)

–          Willing to travel out of Canada

–          You reside in Canada

–          Love to be on stage

It’s a great competition to build confidence and relations. We all have dreams, everything starts one step by step and Top Model Search Canada (http://topmodelsearchcanada.com/) is your first step to your journey as a model.

Written by: Naomi
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