My experience at Richtree was very good. It is located at the Eaton shopping mall in Toronto. The service was quick and efficient when I arrived at the truck. It is really a cool looking truck because not only is it in a mall but its vintage like something that came out of a California movie. I ordered three fish tacos with a glass bottle of coke. Yes, a glass bottle of coke! Just like the olden days. The fish was really good but what they put on it was a little spicy for me but that’s fine. Even the outfits the employees were wearing are cool and vintage. They were able to serve all 82 girls without a problem which was amazing because everybody got what they wanted. If you like Mexican food this is the place to go. They offer veggie, steak and/or chicken tacos. At the truck, you can see your food being made. You can see how hygienic the workers are and the food. You won’t have to worry about how clean their kitchen is. You can enjoy by just looking how your food is being prepared. It kills time as well if you are bored then you will have something to look at!

– Melynda xoo

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