I am so excited. Nationals are in only 3 days ! Time goes so fast. I can’t wait to meet all my pageant sisters. I just wanted to share with everyone some pictures of me, practicing my song for the Gala Night. I love dancing and singing. But I choosed to only sing. The song I will sing is a surprise. It’ s a song very known, a classic, but I will sing it in my own way. I am sure you will like it. I can only say it’s a soul song in memory of a woman who opened the door to female of her type.






It will be my first time I sing on a stage and even, infront of people! I am nervous, but singing is what I love the most to do. I am really excited.

On the picture, it’s the friend of my mom. I know her since always. I remember, 2 years ago I could’nt sing at all. I was really the worst singer! And with puberty, my voice changed by ”miracle” 😉

See you at the Gala Night everybody xoxo

Written by: Naomi
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