Pageant Preparations!

The past two weeks have been crazy! I volunteered at the WICAC event last week and guess who I bumped into? Miss Mexico! I got to meet Miss Mexico since she was part of the West Island Crusade Against Cancer event as well. I wish her the best of luck while competing at worlds.


I also did some volunteer work at two different retirement homes! I was glad to be able to help out the seniors and put a smile on their faces while I was helping around. On a more recent note, I have raised  $2145 for the WE foundation. This money will be sent to help empower and enhance the education in Nicaragua for those whom most need it. I would also like to give a huge shoutout to Hubert Zakrzewski-Jakubiak, the owner of two pharmacies, for being one of my sponsors for the Miss Teenage Canada pageant! I cannot thank him enough.

Pageant Ready

I would also like to thank J.S International for sponsoring me a dress for the Pageant! They are very kind for giving me a beautiful dress. Lady Gaga wore one of their dresses. They design their dresses in New York!



A big thank you to Justine Gravel for writing a newspaper article on me! We met at a little cafe at the Atwater market for an interview. She was very kind and I greatly appreciate her effort into putting the time to write an article about me. Take the the to read it!

Click here to check out what they wrote in the newspaper about me!


The sports side!

I play with Lakeshore FC U17. My team is currently ranked first place in the league! I have 14 goals in 13 games. We are doing really well in our soccer season and we are hopefully looking at keeping our first place rank so that we can compete in the national championships that will take place in New-Brunswick in October of this year. In 2016, we came in 1st place in the national championships, and we are looking to do so again this year.

Action photo!

Lakeshore FC U17 AAA

The following is a link to my highlight video! It is a talent that I have been practicing since the age of 4. Take the time to watch what I can do on the field by clicking right on my video!



~Miss Teenage Quebec 2017


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Hi everyone! So here’s a little update of whats going on with me!

Just two weeks ago I graduated from my high school finishing with a 90 overall average of the school year. Last Friday was my prom! It was an emotional night since it will be the last time my classmates will be together before we all part our ways. It is sad to end high school , although I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Prom Ready!

In the last month, I have been raising funds to support the Free the Children foundation. My goal is to raise 4500$ for the WE foundation. So far,  I have raised 1695$ thanks to all friends, family and supporters of my journey to the national pageant.  The following is the link to donate to my fundraiser! Any kind of support helps!

Click here to help support the WE foundation by donating!


What has been my volunteer work?

This morning, I was volunteering at Dr. Chadiacs office. He is a pediatrician who was voted the #1 pediatrician in Montreal. It was amazing to help him with his work throughout the day.

Dr. Chidiac and I!


In the following week, I will be volunteering at a residence home helping the elderly by preparing their food and doing some house work. I will also be volunteering at the West Island Crusade Against Cancer event! Finally, I will be meeting with one of the coordinators at Free the Children to speak about my mission into spreading awareness of their foundation and to give children in need the support and opportunity to an education. Continue to follow me on my Facebook page @MissteenageQuebec2017



~Miss Teenage Quebec 2017



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Who am I?

I am half- Greek and half Guyanese. I have lived in Montreal my entire life. I have been playing  soccer since I was four years old. I continue to play competitive soccer with my club team Lakeshore Fc. I am also on the provincial team for Quebec, therefore being crowned would not be the first time I’ve been given the opportunity to represent my province. For the last three years, I’ve been training at CNHP ( National centre for Elite Performance). I have been playing competitive soccer my entire life.


All Smiles




My Profile

Wanna know what’s my goal?

My goal is to help fundraise money to support ” Free the children”. I want to empower the youth and give them the resources needed so I can help change their lives for the better.  I would like to help provide them with an education and give them an opportunity to explore life and be able to do and become anything they want! I strongly believe that any child, no matter where they were born or what circumstances they live in, deserve an education so that they can one day prosper and grow.



“Pageants teach exact same skills that sports can do; goal setting, attitude and performance under pressure. But in a pageant you wear much better shoes! ”

– Valerie Hayes

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Here are the videos that took place at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto for the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant. Although I didn’t win the competition, I gained a significant amount of confidence and an unforgettable experience that I will cherish forever.

A huge thank-you to my sponsors Peter Schlotthauber Excavation, Raymond Mallette, my dentist and orthodontist Dr. Laurent Oiknine at Centre Dentaire Place des Promenades and most of all my family!

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About My Platform and What I Did:

I would like to promote good morals to young individuals and for them to enjoy their dreams and empower others to live theirs. I want to create a new generation of young girls and be a leader.

I was volunteering at various events throughout the summer from being an ambassador to a route marshal. I also have three younger sisters which were able to help to me and look up to me for what all the good things I have done.

On my way to the airport there was a little girl that thought I was a princess and I put my crown on her. Her mother took a picture of her and I. It was such an amazing experience to make a little girl’s day.

Why Did I Choose This Platform?

I chose this platform because being the oldest of 3 sisters I want to be the greatest role model I can be. If I made mistakes they can learn from it and I can be more stronger person as well.

I want young girls to be free of alcohol and drugs because you will become more successful in life and be more advanced without all that junk in your face. By doing extra activities such as fundraisers and charities it will reduce of using.

I want all you of you to have fun but to be safe. To know all about the dangers things can lead to.

What Does My Platform Mean to Me?

It means a whole lot that I can be a model to young girls. I can become a leader to youth and they can not make the same mistakes many do. This will prevent youth violence in the community.

What would I do with my platform as Miss Teenage Canada?

I would love to travel the world promoting my platform as being a good role model to youth. Develop fun and original ways for youth to become very interested in camp to have activities that will enjoy. In the end, I want everyone to know to focus on yourself and to what makes you feel good.

– Melynda xo

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June 27 – July 12

At Rotiwennakehte School – 407 St. Michel, Kanesatake, Quebec J0N 1E0

Open daily from 1:00 pm – 8:00 pm

I will be at the 100 years of loss exhibition about Residential Schools for two weeks.

About Residential Schools:

For over a century, beginning in the mid1800s and continuing into the late 1990s, Aboriginal children in Canada were taken from their homes and communities, and were placed in institutions called residential schools. These schools were run by religious orders in collaboration with the federal government and were attended by children as young as four years of age. Separated from their families and prohibited from speaking their native languages and practicing their culture the vast majority of the 150,000 children who attended these schools experienced neglect and suffering.

The impacts of sexual, mental, and physical abuse, shame, and deprivation endured at Indian Residential Schools continue to affect generations of Survivors, their families, and communities today. It is estimated that 80,000 Survivors of the residential schools are alive today. Remarkably, in the face of this tremendous adversity, many Survivors and their descendants have retained their language and their culture and continue to work toward healing and reconciliation.

Reference and for more information about this topic:

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I will admit I can get carried away on social media very easily. The tips below I found would be very helpful for myself. I want to share it with you all if you have problems like myself being on the phone to much. I will challenge myself for the next week or so and see how it goes.

Now that I’m back on social media, I still sometimes find myself checking my feeds like a crack addict. Here are some systems I use to not get dominated by my phone:

1. The Moment app has helped me not get out of control with my phone use. It monitors how much you use your phone each day and sends reminders when you go over your limits (limits that you set for yourself).

2. The Momentum add-on to Google Chrome reminds you what your main goal of the day is every time you open a tab on the internet so you don’t lose yourself in a rabbit hole of cat youtube videos when you’re supposed to be writing an important song or email or memo… Also has amazing photography.

3. Establish a morning routine where you don’t check your phone first thing. I’m hesitant to sound preachy here’s my routine:
•NIGHT BEFORE: Set my alarm for the morning and put phone on airplane mode the night before. Yes, your alarms will definitely still work while being on airplane mode.
•Wake Up.
•Drink a glass of water
•Brush my teeth
•Do Pushups
•Listen to the 100 Syllable Mantra (this chills me out)
•Go for a 5-10 minute walk outside WITHOUT my phone or music. Nothing in my pockets but keys.
•Make/eat breakfast. Right now I’m on the Slow Carb Diet. So usually a can of organic lentils, organic spinach, and maybe a hand full of almonds.
•Start they day. Then I check my texts. I don’t know if it’s placebo but the days that I stick to my routine tend to be much happier and the days where I start with texting/emailing/tweeting tend to feel much more scrambled.

4. Turn notifications off. This is important. This means that you will only see who has tweeted, messaged, or liked you when YOU decide you want to know…not when THEY decide they want you to know. This way, no one can hi-jack your attention or mood. This is surprisingly empowering. I realize some people have jobs where they need to be on call for their boss. In this case, turn notifications off of social media apps and leave them on your text apps. But for lucky me who has no boss (cuz of you guys :), my phone basically never makes noise or flashes, aside from alarms I set.

5. Strategically forget your phone. Often if I’m going into a dinner with friends I’ll leave the phone in the car on purpose. I work hard so when I’m with my buddies I want to actually be there enjoying our time, not frustrated because I read some email saying they don’t have the right kind of keyboard for the show in San Francisco or whatever.

Love yawl 😉

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On May 30th I volunteered for Canadian’s Woman Foundation’s Move for Hope. It took place at the Montreal Forum. I was the Move for Hope Ambassador: Directing participants to all areas of event, answering questions from public & participants, and assisting in other areas of event!


About the foundation: The Canadian Women’s Foundation is Canada’s public foundation for women and girls. We empower women and girls to move themselves out of poverty, out of violence and into confidence. The Canadian Women’s Foundation’s annual Campaign to End Violence raises funds to support 451 shelters for abused women and their children in Canada and violence prevention programs that break the cycle of violence.


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One of my places I love to go is the Westmount Greenhouse. It is within walking distance from my apartment. It is a great place to take pictures not only of the plants but of yourself. There is full of exotic flowers and plants that’s inside the building. It is free admission.


Photography is one of my hobbies and it was a great way to take pictures there. Westmount is a wonderful place to look around. There is always interesting cars to look at and the buildings are just amazing. It’s a mix between suburban and city life.


I lived in the country my whole life and just these past years I’ve been living in the city. The one thing I dislike most is the cold weather in the winter. It is so easy to get around by foot you don’t even need a car and so many events to go to. I won’t be staying here much longer I belong in the south.

I was walking on Maisonneuve street with my sister Monica on our back home. I noticed someone walked pass by us that looked like Karl Wolf. I looked back and I noticed he stopped and looked at us. I walk over to him and ask if he was Karl Wolf? He replied with a yes. I asked for a picture and went into a little conversation. You never know who you might meet just walking on the street.

11156389_10204280575116736_1570027115558271212_nKarl and I

He is a very guy didn’t rush us or anything like that. I went to his concert last year at the corona theatre in Montreal he is a great performer and maybe one day I would meet him and I did. I looked on the Miss Teenage Canada website and i realized he performed for the girls a few years back. It would be awesome if he did again. I knew Karl Wolf’s family lived in Montreal so I kind have had this feeling I could have bumped into him.

He performs at We Day that raises money for Free The Children. This fundraiser I will have to raise at least 400$ but whichever girl raises the most gets automatically into the top 20. My goal is to raise at least 1000$ to get a decent score for my Miss Teenage Canada pageant score.

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