About My Platform and What I Did:

I would like to promote good morals to young individuals and for them to enjoy their dreams and empower others to live theirs. I want to create a new generation of young girls and be a leader.

I was volunteering at various events throughout the summer from being an ambassador to a route marshal. I also have three younger sisters which were able to help to me and look up to me for what all the good things I have done.

On my way to the airport there was a little girl that thought I was a princess and I put my crown on her. Her mother took a picture of her and I. It was such an amazing experience to make a little girl’s day.

Why Did I Choose This Platform?

I chose this platform because being the oldest of 3 sisters I want to be the greatest role model I can be. If I made mistakes they can learn from it and I can be more stronger person as well.

I want young girls to be free of alcohol and drugs because you will become more successful in life and be more advanced without all that junk in your face. By doing extra activities such as fundraisers and charities it will reduce of using.

I want all you of you to have fun but to be safe. To know all about the dangers things can lead to.

What Does My Platform Mean to Me?

It means a whole lot that I can be a model to young girls. I can become a leader to youth and they can not make the same mistakes many do. This will prevent youth violence in the community.

What would I do with my platform as Miss Teenage Canada?

I would love to travel the world promoting my platform as being a good role model to youth. Develop fun and original ways for youth to become very interested in camp to have activities that will enjoy. In the end, I want everyone to know to focus on yourself and to what makes you feel good.

– Melynda xo

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