I am a staunch Canadian, a proud Quebecer and a passionate Montrealer. I love and cherish the city as I love my own soul. I belong to a community with diversity in race, culture, beliefs and faith, but all are united by love to our city. I feel strongly empowered when I introduce ” my Montreal” to my new friends, as I was given the privilege and opportunity to travel parts of the world, and I am so grateful to have sponsors.

A Little Jump Into Montreal’s Past

When Jacques Cartier and Samuel De Champlain sailed to Montreal in 1535 and 1607 respectively, the land was inhabited by the ” Iroquois” who defended their hunting grounds ferociously and blocked the attempts of the french explorer to establish a fur trading post. It is only in 1642 that a free colonial empire was created by a mission made ” Ville Marie” which became a centre for the fur trade and french expansion into ” New France” until 1760, when it was surrendered to the British Army following the defeat of the ” battle of the plains of Abraham”. Hence the expansion of the British immigration in the city. Montreal became official a city in 1842 and the largest in British North America. It is the undisputed economic and culture centre of Canada. Today, we Montrealer’s are celebrating the 375th birthday of our city.


A Top Lifestyle

Mercer, one of the world’s largest consulting firms in HR, released the “best quality of life index” in 450 cities across the world, as regards to the political, social and economic environment, medical and health care considerations, schools and education, theatres, restaurants, consumer goods and availability. Montreal ranked among the best 27 cities competing with Brussels in Belgium, Vienna in Austria, Stockholm in Sweden and Hamburg in Germany. In a spam of a year, Montreal was awarded an international reputation of being the dream city in the world. Its safety, cleanliness, health and green spaces merited many of the city’s efforts in green transportation to reducer carbon emissions.


What Can I not Love About this City!

If you’re asking why Montreal is my favourite city, well the last paragraph really explained it! I was born and educated in Montreal, the list of beautiful spots in my city would exhaust more pages than I am allowed. There are two places that I absolutely love. The plateau of Mount Royal is my favourite spot, a cosmopolitan area in a formerly working-class neighbourhood, has been transformed into a trendy cultural place known for its hipsters, cafes, dinners and gaming industries. It has become a must-see for visitors and an important tourist destination. you can come on by foot, bicycles, mopeds and buses. Montreal Mile End is the coolest neighbourhood in the world of 2017, ahead of places like in Berlin, Rio De Janeiro, Hong Kong and London.

Another beautiful place is ” Old Montreal”, located along the river with an amazing waterfront. It has a European taste to it with its cobblestone road, narrow streets and horse carriages. After a long day of strolling in these medieval roads, you may be craving for a steak at the Keg or Gibby’s at a short walking distance from main street ” Saint Paul”. If you feel for a mouth- watering culinary seafood specialities, ” La Maree” is right on “Place Cartier”. ” Marche Bonsecours” is a complement to your shopping spree. The festivals succeeding each other starting in June with the Formula 1, The Jazz festival, the Cartifest, the Just for Laugh, the E car race etc. have made Montreal the city of fantastic fiestas. I am so passionately in love with “my Montreal” that I want the whole world to share such moments with me.

The pageant is just moments away and I am so very excited for it! I cannot wait to begin the one week journey in Toronto while competing in the Miss Teenage Canada pageant!



~Miss Teenage Quebec 2017


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