Hello my name is Stephanie-Ann, I am ecstatic to say I am your Miss Teenage Quebec 2018. I live in a small village in the Laurentians; St-Hippolyte which is approximately 45 minutes from Montreal.

Since a very young age I had always wanted to be a model, I loved taking pictures and posing and that’s why my mother put me into an agency. I realize that I am passionate for acting and modeling. I have acted in many scenes in diverse movies as well as publicity’s for many companies over the years.

I always like to come out of my comfort zone and create new goals for myself and this is how I got into pageantry. I love the idea of creating friendships with people around the planet who participate and live the same experience as you but might feel extremely different. To share and learn from one another and the bond we create is amazing and priceless.

Miss Teenage Quebec and Miss Teenage Montréal

Winning Miss Teenage Quebec has given me so many new opportunities that I would have never imagined. I am very proud of myself that I tried and succeeded, the sky is the limit!

At the young age of almost 2 years old I was diagnosed with a medical condition called “Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis”. It is hard to think back so young, but now as a young adult I can confirm and realize that I didn’t know a childhood without pain. I live with pain almost everyday but I don’t complain about it or let it get me down. I have my ups and downs like everyone. Living with my condition is not the end of the world because it’s not fatal but it does limit me sometimes in certain ways.
Some people have told me it must be a burden and difficult living with this disease. I try to see things in a different way and realize that it has brought me many great opportunities that perhaps would not have been on my path otherwise. Between the ages of 8 until 16 years old , I would participate at a special week called “Camp Articulaction”. All of the campers had some type or form of Arthritis. I got to meet wonderful people and kids and we were able to share our stories and understand and encourage one another, as for we all had a disease with similarities.

I was also spokesperson for “The Arthritis Society” at the age of 9, I got to participate in the Walk for Arthritis and so many more events that made me grow as a person and become who I am today. I am forever grateful!

My career plan is to become a Pediatric Rheumatologist. My goal is to research, help and understand those children who suffer like I did, like I do. To help them on many levels and give back like those doctors who have helped me and inspired me to find my path to becoming a doctor. I will be entering University in the Fall of 2019!

Doing volunteer work has always been important for me! I enjoy giving my time to people who need it and appreciate it! I believe that today’s youth should be more involved in their community and give back. This ties in to my platform since I try to promote volunteerism the best way I can. It so important to give back to our community and each time we give back, we meet new people have fun and grow in many different ways! Life is good!

I recently went to Ecuador with the “Me To We “organization on a humanitarian trip. This experience was so enriching and mind opening. We started to build a kitchen for the kids of the Hatun Urku community who don’t eat lunch on school days. With this new infrastructure they will be able to have healthy meals every day! I am proud to say that I was part of this because it will truly change someone’s life.


Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next blog coming soon!!

-Stephanie your Miss Teenage Quebec 2018 xx

Written by: Stephanie
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