Who am I?

I am half- Greek and half Guyanese. I have lived in Montreal my entire life. I have been playing  soccer since I was four years old. I continue to play competitive soccer with my club team Lakeshore Fc. I am also on the provincial team for Quebec, therefore being crowned would not be the first time I’ve been given the opportunity to represent my province. For the last three years, I’ve been training at CNHP ( National centre for Elite Performance). I have been playing competitive soccer my entire life.

Wanna know what’s my goal?

My goal is to help fundraise money to support ” Free the children”. I want to empower the youth and give them the resources needed so I can help change their lives for the better.  I would like to help provide them with an education and give them an opportunity to explore life and be able to do and become anything they want! I strongly believe that any child, no matter where they were born or what circumstances they live in, deserve an education so that they can one day prosper and grow.


“Pageants teach exact same skills that sports can do; goal setting, attitude and performance under pressure. But in a pageant you wear much better shoes! ”

– Valerie Hayes


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