Welcome to my first post!

Me, myself and I

I am 19 years old from a small territory Kanehsatake, Quebec. My nationality is of German/Mohawk. I graduated from an Aboriginal High School in 2013 and I am currently a Hotel Management student.


I live on a ranch with 4 horses (Sam, Rip, Heidi and Diamond), a dog (Brandy) and two Siamese cats (Ludwig and Sophie). I am the oldest of three sisters who are (17,11,4) who they all look up to me.

My hobbies include photography, fashion and travelling. I travel every year and cruises is what I love doing most. You can visit so many different islands in just a course of a few days. Ever since I was a little girl my dream is to become a model and become very successful.

Picture I took on my camera. The view from my apartment

My biggest influence in my life besides my parents is Tatiana Londono. She is a very successful realtor. She owns her own real estate company “Londono Reality Group” based in Westmount. I had the pleasure of meeting her on career day at my college. I defiantly want to study Real Estate when I finish my degree in Hotel Management!

Tatiana and I

After my birthday, I had the idea to apply to Miss Teenage Canada. I sent my application through email and got a reply for a phone interview! Michelle W (Miss World Canada 1996) interviewed me and asked questions regarding the title of Miss Teen Quebec. I received another email from Michelle asking for one last interview. I got into the top 3! A few days after I got the results. I AM MISS TEENAGE QUEBEC 2015! I later got all the information about what I have to do before and during the pageant for Miss Teenage Canada.

That’s me wearing my tiara

So much work and dedication to having this title but I absolutely love it!

Until Next Time,

– Melynda xoo

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