Back in May at the Miss Teenage Quebec pageant, I meet a wonderful human being! She was so nice and kind to me and after the pageant we stayed in contact! She won the title of “Miss Teenage Montreal.” I am so proud of her because it was her first time competing in a pageant!

Last Saturday, Mackie and I planned a fun day at the water park in the beautiful Laurentian’s ! It was a beautiful day, with sun and clouds and we were even rained on at the end of the day!

We got to do so many water slides, relax and talk about how we are getting ready for the national pageant that is coming up in August!

We had so much fun in the wave pool, and so many other cool slides! The awesome thing about this water park is that it is in the mountains, so when you are way up high waiting to go down on a slide, you have a beautiful view of the Village of St. Sauveur!

After the park closed, we decided to go to the sites “F.U.N Park” which has rides and activities for all ages. We did a ride called the “Viking”which is an alpine roller coaster that reaches up to 35km/hour in the mountains for 1.5 kilometres!!

Then we did another ride called the “Dragon”, a unique zip line that moved backwards to the top of the the hill, then released so that gravity will bring you back to your starting point at 45 km/hour and 43 meters high !!! WOW! The Dragon was a thrilling experience with a breathtaking view of the Saint-Sauveur!

The day was supposed to end at 6:30 , our parents were waiting, but they joined us and we left almost at 9pm! It was so much fun so we planned another day of activities before the big pageant!

I am convinced that we will continue being friends after the pageant because we have developed such a great bond!
I am so looking forward meeting all the other contestants and make new friends!

Stay tuned for our next activity 💕
-Miss Teenage Quebec 2018  ⚜

Written by: Stephanie
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