Canada is such a wonderful place it is where my mother’s ancestors lived their whole life. Being part Mohawk and living on native territory, on property that belonged to my great, great, grandparents gives me great pride. Having close family living all in a short distance is very comforting. I am honored to have went to an aboriginal school where I had learnt and practiced Mohawk traditions and some Kanien’keha language. I am half German which gives a mix into my household where I  learn about different cultures. Being proud of my German roots also, learning of their hardships during the wars and some family moving to Canada for a better life helps to understand about immigration and helping others. 

  Canada is very unique considering we have so many different people from all around the world where we just don’t have just one nationality. We are lucky enough to have modern technology where we can access things very easily without sometimes leaving the house. Canada is one of the countries with the most fresh water which is something we strive to live for. It has beauty, many mountains, lakes, wildlife, great country life and great city life, beautiful architecture old and new! We offer free health care to all Canadians which is unique because most countries do not have that privilege. Canada is a safe country to live in. Canadians like to live peacefully.

  Canada is an amazing place with lots of opportunity that will lead us into great things in the future. We have a striving education that is available to everyone. Its where I was born and where I’ve been spending my life with my family. Canada is known as a great country. 

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