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It has begun. The 2017 search for Miss Teenage Canada started triumphantly with a party for the fifty seven regional delegates that was hosted entirely by sponsors.The sponsoring event went super well! It was amazing seeing all the delegates dress up for the first time. It was the official beginning of our pageant journey! We got to meet many different sponsors that are listed below. These sponsors were so kind to bring us gifts and their own personal products for us to try and take a look at!

Golden glamorous Goddesses

Golden glamorous Goddesses have the most amazing products. All of their soaps are handmade ! They are mixed with a variety of smells and textures such as shea butter,coconut and more. The products are made by a mother and daughter that work as a team. It was so much fun meeting the women behind all the master pieces of body lotions. She was offering discounts for spray tans and was greatly explaining how she does her work with her daughter.

GGG soaps!


Our shoes from Nine West were on display and we were encouraged to try on the shoes and get our shoe sizes recorded. We get the actual shoes later this week when the orders are sorted.

Ninewest have been very supportive throughout . They have sponsored a pair of shoes for every delegate to wear at the pageant. During the sponsorships event, they were displaying the black heels that we will be wearing during our pageant . We visited their store today and they gave every girl a 50$ gift card for their store . They have amazing and comfortable heels ! I bought a pair of blue heels and I absolutely adore them ! The workers at the ninewest store in the Yorkdale mall( Toronto) have been so nice in helping all of us out ! Rob himself was running the Archer Dental booth and giving away dental supplies. Click here to check out the ninewestcanada website.

Little shopping day!


The watches from Uptothetime are fabulous ! They have leather bands with a variety of colours like red, yellow and blue that I find super trendy and nice ! I love watches with leather straps. They attended our sponsorship party and provided us with many different watches in different colours for us to try on! My favourite was the red watch. They also had a display of jewelry with diamonds and was super cute ! I love wearing watches , I’m that person that always needs a watch to check the time ! Checking out their watches is a MUST! Click here to get a look at their greatwrist wear!

I loved their watches!


Streetchic attended our sponsoring event supplying us with many different and adorable jewelry for all the girls. They had little earrings in small packages that were gifts for us.  They are a very trendy and fashionable brand !I also wrote my streetchic montreal style article that was published onto their website ! Check out there article by clicking Streetchic!!!


Super adorbs

Super adorbs had attended our sponsor party supplying us with the cutest little chokers, bracelets and headbands! I got a black choker with a little diamond dangling on it. They had more of a cute fashionable look to their items. Jewellery for women available online across CanadaSuper Adorbs jewellery and fashion accessories will accentuate any outfit no matter your style or occasion. Headquartered here in Toronto, the company sells online all across Canada; Superadorbs is built with feminine style for individual expression.

Super Adorbs!

My Choker from Super Adorbs!


In all, the event was very successful as everyone tried different items and jewelry. We got to try on watches, get soaps, jewelry and will soon be given the nine west shoes! I want to thank every sponsor for attending the event. I enjoyed every moment and was so glad to be able to talk to the sponsors!


Miss Teenage Quebec 2017

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