Today’s vlog is going to be quite short because I have a huge day ahead of me! Tomorrow is the announcement of the top 20, and the final show! I am so excited yet nervous.

The day today was mostly filled with rehersals. We started at around 9:30am, and finished at around 5. It was so amazing getting lessons by our chaperone and a professional pageant coach/choreographer. I am so grateful that I got to practice before the big show.

After rehersals was dinner. We were all told to dress up in a nice cocktail dress. Mine was definitely the longest one, but I loved the colour so much! All the girls looked so stunning. We ate our dinner quick in order to be able to watch all the amazing talents preformed by some of the delegates!

I absoloutely LOVED all of the preformances because it showed the diversity of all cultures. A lot of the girls did a talent based on their backround/culture which I thought was very meaningful! I also loved to see all the different talents that all the girls had. It ranged from ballet to singing to hiphop, to jazz. I can’t describe how amazing and confident all the ladies looked while performing!

P.S… I also got to meet former Miss Intercontinental Canada, Alice Li. She was so sweet, and even let me wear her sash!!

Hopefully in the next few vlogs, i’ll make a Q&A or an FAQ!

Thanks for reading. I’ll let you guys know how the show goes!!


Written by: Aaliya