Day four of pageant week was absolutely a day that I will never forget! It was another day of waiting, but this time, the outcome was huge! I can’t wait to see if I made it into the top 20 on final night!

To start off the day, like always, I had an amazing breakfast with my pageant sisters! We then made our way back into our rooms to put a little makeup on! I am so grateful because this pageant allowed me to learn more about my skills, and teach me how to do my own makeup! We then headed down to lunch/interviews! I am not allowed to say much about it, but all I can say was that it was an amazing experience.


Not to long after, rehersals started. We went up to get all our stuff for the show, as well as things we needed for rehersals. Our pageant coach was amazing, and taught us so many new tricks, it was a blast. After maybe about an hour or so, the first preliminary show started. Numbers 21-40 had about two hours to practice while 1-19 was preforming their fitness and gown part.

When it was my turn to go on, I slid into my fitness gown, and was really nervous! As soon as I went on though, I felt amazing, like I had just walked onto a giant stage with full of paparazzi. I think I walked a bit too fast, but on fridays show, I will walk much slower since  I feel more confident after going on stage twice!

Day four was an amazing day, and I can’t wait for day fives rehersals.

See you,

Written by: Aaliya