It was such a packed and amazing day yesterday! It was full of fun outdoor activities!

As Rose, my roomate, and I got to our hotel room after the bonfire, it was about 9:30pm! Some girls were alowed to stay and go star gazing, but for me, it was a hair washing day, so ┬áhad to come back early. It took me nearly two hours to shower and do my hair completely, but it was all worth it because today it looks great today for my interview! I went to bed not long after, and only had time to add the images to yesterday’s blog!

In the morning, we had a quick breakfast in our new Miss Teenage Canada merch, and we headed off to the treetop trekking place at our resort to go ziplining! I loved it! It wasn’t my first time doing tree to tree, but this experience with all my pageant sisters definitely made it extremly memorable. We got a quick demo session, and then headed off ┬áziplining with the other girls! My hands were dirty afterwards, but it was all worth! I would love to do it again!

As soon as that activity was done, we had a quick lunch, went to our rooms, and we changed into our bathing suits to go swimming in the lake! It was very hot, so the lake was refreshing! One of the delegates and I decided to go on the hotdog that pulls you across the lake! It was so much fun because it would randomly tip us over! At one point both of our chaperones went on the hotdog and fell in the water! It was so hilarious.

One of the things that made yesterday the most amazing though is that we got to meet Joanne, Miss Teenage Canada 2020! She arrived during suppertime, and we got to talk to her afterwards during the bonfire. She gave us tips and tricks, and some delegates even asked her questions about herself and the pageant! She was so kind, and, such a great rolemodel!

Overall, this day allowed me to meet and get to know more of my pageant sisters, and create a closer bond with them. I will definitly never forget this day, over even this week!

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Written by: Aaliya