Today was our first whole day in Barrie, and it was amazing! There was a lot of waiting, as well as a lot of action. In other words, a perfectly ballanced day!

Last night, was a late night for me because I was studying and memorizing my 30 second video introduction for today’s video shoot! This morning, I woke up at 6:45 am ready to start the day. At around 7:30, all the girls headed down for breakfast. Some in sweats, and some in their cocktail dresses already prepared for the video and photoshoot. Sadly there was a few makeup artists that were exposed to covid, and were not able to attend. We were given a choice to do our own makeup, or get it done by the few makeup artists that were there. I choice to do it on my own, and loved the look I did! All the of the other girl’s hair and makeup were absolutely stunning! They were all glowing!

As soon as I headed down to the main hall after my makeup was done, it was lunch time! We ate our lunch made by the chefs at our resort, and a few girls headed down to get their video and photoshoot right after! Since I was one of them, I headed down too.  In my opinion, the photo and video crew were really nice and made everyone feel comfortable!

For now, I am waiting in my room for all the video and photoshoots to be done! One of the chaperones told us that we might be going outside for more fun activities and shoots! I’ll let you guys know how the evening went!!

Until tomorrow!!

yours truely,


Written by: Aaliya