I’m so excited to say that I finally made it to Ontario for pageant week! When I entered this pageat early this year, I had no idea what to expect! These past few months have been amzing helping the community, vlogging on social media, and preparing for this amazing experience!


It’s currently 5pm, and I just got setteled into my room on the third floor! My family and I stayed at the hotel last night, and drove almost 6 hours to get here! The whole drive was worth it though because I was able to see the some of beauties of Ontario. On our way here, we stopped to get some Tim Hortons! Classic Canadian restaurant!!! We then got on to the highway, and didn’t get off for the next few hours! I did see some beautiful cars from the 1950s-1960s all over the highway! They were all so colourful and different! I believe that there was some sort of car show, because they all seemed to be heading to the same place! I also passed Canada’s Wonderland during the last few hours of the ride. Believe it or not, I have never been on a rollercoaster, so maybe i’ll go there one day! One final thing that was quite odd during the trip here was that, there were not a cloud in th sky, but randomly, it would rain for 5 minutes straight as if we were in a storm.

Now that I am in my hotel room waiting for my roomate, it’s so amazing that I finally got to see all the amazing girls come from all over the country! I can’t wait to chat with them, and learn so many new things about their story and platform!  It’s sad to think that only one of us will leave with the crown, but for now, I am so very excited to start making life long friends and memories with these girls! It’s such a cool thing to have seen all of them on social media, and finally meet them in real life! They all look so confident and I can’t wait to see what this empowering week will hold!

For now, I am going to sit and enjoy the beautiful view of the golf course, waiting for our pyjama pary!


See you again tomorrow!

Aaliya, miss teenage Quebec 2021!


Written by: Aaliya