Day 4 is preliminary day! Lots to do, lots of fun!

We hit the ground running this morning with a quick breakfast and our first rehearsals for Saturday night. We got to meet our amazing choreographer, Shawn, who taught us the mechanics of walking and posing. He also showed us how to walk, and took us through the show order. It was really fun to learn all of the stage proceedings, and there was definitely tangible excitement in the air. For the first time, there was a collective acknowledgement that the next Miss Teenage Canada was standing among us. It was wild.

Gloria and me on a break at rehearsals!

We rehearsed all the way up until lunchtime, which was when we all scattered to do the various tasks that had to be done. Some people had to do hair and makeup, some people ate, everyone was everywhere! The chaperones moved like a well-oiled machine and made sure that everyone was where they needed to be. I ate my lunch at lightning speed and went off to the stage to try my talent number for this evening.

I was so nervous to test it out, because… I had never actually done it from beginning to end. I choreographed my own dance at home in our kitchen, but due to the limited space, I had to make up a significant amount of it in my head. The creative process was a whole lot of “I think this will work! We’ll find out at the pageant!” I ran my dance once, and I was really frazzled. So many sections were too fast or too difficult. I spent a few minutes making minor changes and then tried it again. Thank goodness: it went smoothly! I felt confident in my creation and was really excited to show it that evening!

Next up, I got dressed in my interview outfit and got my hair ready for the preliminaries. I was taken down to makeup, where Modern College was all set up to get us glamourized. I worked with an amazing artist named Monika who gave me an amazing look!

Thank you Modern College!

I was really nervous for the interviews. We had to sit in our order while waiting, and with every scooch down along the chairs, my heart beat a little faster. I knew the interview wasn’t going to be too stressful, but it was my first time meeting the judges.

It turns out that I had over-worried. I can’t give away what happened in the interview room, but I can say that the judges were really sweet and empathetic. They made the environment really comfortable, and before I even knew it, it was over! Plus, they had an adorable Golden Retriever that we could pet after! All in all: I felt satisfied.

Melynda and I getting interview-ready after our having hair and makeup done!

We went straight from there to dinner (which was super yummy!), and all we could think about was the show at night. We were all really excited and nervous, or as some of us say, nervocited. After, we went up to get into our cocktail dresses for the preliminaries at night!

Our dinner table (and some extra friends!)

And of course… prelims! Due to some technical difficulties, the show had to start an hour later, but that just meant that Melynda and I had more time to jam out to Jennifer Lopez in our room!

The competition was a blast. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures yet, but I’ll send them along as soon as I can! We all introduced ourselves and presented our platforms one by one, and it was an overall success. One thing I love about all my pageant sisters is that we’re there for each other no matter what. Every time someone stepped off the stage, everyone rushed over to tell them they were great.

Swimsuit was really fun! I expected to feel self-conscious, but when my turn came, I got a burst of energy and confidence like I’ve never felt before. I smiled so hard my cheeks were sore! I wish I could’ve seen more of the talent numbers afterward, but since I was last in the lineup, I didn’t get to. I still loved hearing all my friends perform from backstage! I was so happy to perform my dance, and I’m very pleased with how it went! It felt really amazing from beginning to end, and that’s what matters to me. Aaand, I hope I didn’t confuse the audience too much with my unusual hybrid dance style that we now call Clara-temporary.

Now we’re off to bed for a day of rehearsals tomorrow. Gosh, I am tired! Catch you all for the Day 5 update!


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