Today, we woke up nice and early to a chilly morning! Everyone was really excited because today was all about having fun outdoors. After getting ready and grabbing a quick breakfast, we were off to our first fun activity of the day: Treetop Trekking! (Or as everyone back home would say: Arbraska)

We had a short orientation demo, and then we were off to complete a series of obstacle courses and ziplines in the forest. When we arrived, we were freezing cold! As we started, though, we began to warm up. Treetop Trekking is hard! We got to do three courses with varying levels of difficulty. My arms are definitely sore from some of later ones. It was really fun to cheer on all my friends after particularly challenging sections. My favourite part was definitely the ziplining. I really felt like I was flying when I stepped off the platform. I just loved zooming through the woods. The last course was a series of seven ziplines, so needless to say, I loved it. By the end, as much as I wanted to continue, I was really tired! We definitely used lots of muscles up in the trees.

Cassia and me up top!

And we saw a fox!

After stopping back at the hotel for lunch, we were split into groups for more outdoor activities. I chose to go to the lake, where we swam and went tubing. I went on an inflated banana boat with three of my friends, and we flipped twice! We tried as hard as we could to stay on, but it just seemed impossible. Turns out that it was almost impossible: our chaperones had specifically asked the staff to knock us off. I’m happy that we got our vengeance when it was their turn; they got flipped just as many times as we did.

Seconds before falling off!

To warm up after our icy swim, we marched over to the Beaver Tail truck (there’s a Beaver Tail truck at our hotel!) One yummy Beaver Tail later, we were all set to get ready for dinner. I was really looking forward to getting dressed up for our fancy night!

Post-swim treat! Featuring my fluffy lake hair 🙂

Our dinner dress code was cocktail. We all got spiffed up and it was amazing to see everyone looking so confident. And… we got to meet Emma Jeapes, Miss Teenage Canada 2019!!! She is the sweetest and most down-to-earth person in the world! She sat with us and answered our questions for the rest of the night. We talked all things pageants, music, charity, everything! I was so stunned and amazed to finally meet her that I melted into a puddle. Hopefully, I’ll regain my composure soon. I’m really excited to talk with her again throughout the week because she’ll be with us until Saturday night.

Our table tonight!

Now we’re going to bed to rest up before a big day of interviews and preliminary judging! I’m so excited to finally perform my talent and see everyone else’s!


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