MTC week has officially begun and I’ll be blogging every day to let you all know what we’ve up to! Read on for Day 1.

Our morning started off pretty early. My mom and I packed up the car and left Montreal at 8:00. I couldn’t snap a picture because it was pouring rain, but we had a great time singing along to the radio (and no one does carpool karaoke like family). After a quick stop for lunch, we were back on the road toward Barrie.

We pulled into the Horseshoe Valley Resort at 3:00pm with time to spare before registration. It was so exciting to see the other delegates in person! We gave each other air hugs with masks on and started catching up. We’ve had the chance to talk to each other on ZOOM, but nothing compares to seeing everyone right there in front me.

Standing in front of the hotel!

After registration, we went to get set up in our rooms, and meet our roommates. I was put with Melynda from Repentigny and I’m really excited to get to know her better!

Getting set up!

At night, we had a PJ pizza party where we got to introduce ourselves and get to know each other. Our table spent the evening comparing regional accents, and it was really fun to learn more about Ontario and maritime expressions. We also got our lanyards (and who doesn’t love a cool lanyard?!), and some fun MTC merch. Some of the delegates even brought little presents for all of us! I’m really excited to try all the awesome gifts.

Adorable cake! (And delicious too)

Now, we’re off to sleep to get ready for a very exciting day of photo and video shoots!

All my new sisters in our MTC masks!


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