My name is Melynda Costa and I am Miss Teenage Repentigny 2020.

This blog is used for me to introduce myself to you…

I am fifteen years old and I am in secondary 3 at the school Jean-Baptiste Meilleur in Repentigny. I live with my parents, my eighteen year old brother and my caramel cat. My dad is Portuguese  and when he met my mother they fell in love and been together ever since. I speak fluently French and English. I also know the bases in Spanish and Portuguese.

I really love sports especially Basketball because I played when I was eleven years old at my primary school Marie-Victorin and not to brag but we won regional first place. Also i love taking long walks in the forest near my house. In school, I took salsa dancing, self defense and yoga witch I all enjoyed. When I was six years old I use to do karate but I stopped when I was eleven because it wasn’t my style anymore. That’s why I took these classes in school. Also I won  two bronze medals, four silver medals and two gold medals in athletics.

(sorry for the image it’s the only one like that I have)

I also love traveling witch is why I’ve been to cuba in 2016, to New-Brunswick in 2015 and to Portugal in 2014 and 2018. Also we went in the United-States a couple of times. All the time we went as a family of twelve or six or ten or eight it depended where we were going. In Portugal, we went to our house that we have in Cabanellas, Villa Verde close to Braga.

In my family, it was important for us to have a confirmation. we also like to goof around and one time my cousin and I dressed as waitress and we served all night to our parents and grand-parents. That night was a night to remember and it was hilarious to dress like a waitress.


This is my first pageant  and I have decided to sign up for Miss Teenage Canada to battle my shyness because I am really shy.

This is a good start. Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog.




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