Day 5 was rehearsals all day long! Here’s what went down.

First off, after a quick breakfast, we had a runway workshop with our chaperone, Marc! It was really fun, but a bit challenging in 4” heels. It went better than I expected, even though my feet said otherwise. Heels hurt! My toes just aren’t used to that kind of pressure. But… practice makes improvement (I don’t believe in perfection).

My evening gown shoes at rehearsal!

We stopped just in time for lunch. We ate up in our rooms and had to use that time to start tidying up our bags. I was really sad because it meant that our week was drawing to a close. At least Melynda and I are really neat, so there wasn’t too much to do.

I was really excited for the afternoon, because we were learning our opening dance with Shawn. We were allowed to wear comfortable shoes after a while, but I decided to practice in my heels as much as possible. I know I made a smart decision, but my feet are not happy about it. I thought walking in 4” heels for 1.5 hours was difficult, but I had no clue. It turns out that dancing and jumping in 4” heels is considerably more challenging. I know it’ll help for tomorrow, though!

We got our entire opening number and swimsuit dance finished! We worked really hard, despite the heat. Late in the afternoon, we all had an energy crash, but I’m really proud of all of us for powering through.

One really entertaining part of the day was our chaperone, Sam, constantly threatening us with Vaseline. If we didn’t smile with teeth, she would tell us that we had to put Vaseline on them so we would keep our lips apart. The funniest bit: when Marc wanted a video of us for social media, some people were so nervous to be on his FaceBook that they actually asked for Vaseline to make sure they were smiling! I did not. I don’t like the idea of slimy teeth, but that’s my personal preference.

Sam holding up the dreaded Vaseline

After a long day of practicing for finals, it was time for dinner. It was a pretty ordinary meal (if you can call a congregation of 29 girls from all over Canada “ordinary”). Everyone went up to get into warm clothes, and then we were taken over to the Beaver Tail truck! All who wanted one bought one, and then we all sat in a circle on the grass.

Flora, Melynda, and me going over to join the circle!

One by one, we stood up and shared a positive and negative experience from the week. So many people talked about how they had made lifelong friends, and before long, everyone was crying. I mentioned that I was really grateful to all of them for being such wonderful souls, and for being the ones to break my Covid isolation. Montreal is particularly strict about distancing, so I haven’t had the chance to spend a lot of time with my friends. This week has been the first time that I’ve seen a large group of people my age, and it’s really special to me that they were so kind and supportive. The only negative aspect I could think of was the fact that only one of us would be crowned. Given my way, each and every one of us would win the title, because we all deserve it.

In the middle of the sharing circle, Marc announced that the top 4 talent acts who would perform in the finals had been chosen! My heart was beating in my throat. I am extremely pleased and grateful to say that I was put in the top 4! I’m so excited to perform my solo again for an even bigger audience!!!

That night, we were exceptionally allowed to stay together a bit longer. It was emotional. We took advantage of it by jamming out to ABBA and One Direction. Some girls also requested the floor to share their experience of the week, and just like before, everyone was sobbing. I can’t believe I’m going to leave all of them in just two days, but I know we’ll stay in touch.

Now we’re off to bed for a very exciting but bittersweet day. We have to rehearse all morning, and then get ready for the finals, which I’m sure is going to be a very intense and rewarding evening! I’m so excited!!! Stay tuned!


Written by: Clara