Hey everyone! I have release an article called ” Ste-Catherine Street Style” that is all about fashion on the famous Ste-Catherine street in Montreal on the Being fashionable is everyone’s goal.  Although, there isn’t really just one way to have style and look good because everyone has their own type of look they want to present. Fashion cannot be defined by one sentence because there are so many different kinds of styles out there! Every person is different. We all have our own view of what fashions for us means and every answer is right.

An everyday look with my favourite New York cap!

The famous Ste-Catherine Street!

Ste-Catherine Street is definitely one of the most trendiest streets in Montreal. It is about 11.5 km long with many different shops that go from streets brands to top international brands. Any store you want, you’ll definitely find along this street. There are many different people with many more different style’s you will see coming from all over the world walking along this commercial street. I love shopping on Ste-Catherine because it has all my favourite shops and many delicious food chains for a quick snack!

Formal wear by Christina!



Checking out my article is definitely worth it! I have posted various looks and how fashion really has an importance in our society. One cannot define fashion because fashion is universal, it changes and has many different shapes, colours and styles. I have written about Ste-Catherine street and how fashionable it is. That is a street that is worth visiting and to shop around (of course!). The following is a link to the website! Take the time to check it out to realize how fashionable Montreal is!

Click on STREET CHIC for the article!

The pageant is just around the corner! I will be posting blogs and Facebook photos to keep everyone updated on what’s happening for everyone to see so I can share my story.


~Miss Teenage Quebec

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  1. Rob says:

    well done Stef. Good work all around. Very Street Chic.

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