Hi everyone!!! The first official day at Miss Teenage Canada was such a fun day, it started off pretty early but all worth it !
We went to a fun little coffee shop in the dorms ! Breakfast was really good and on top of that I had boxed water, my favourite!!

After breakfast we went back to our rooms and prepared the day ahead of us! Today we got our makeup and hair done by perf, everyone looked so amazing! After the hair and makeup was done we went back to our rooms and got prepared for either our Photoshoot, interview or the view for if we make top 20!

The Interview was pretty stressful but it was good! I answered 4 questions and they were very meaningful. I am confident with my answers !I’m very happy about that!

The Photoshoot was so much fun, the photographer took many shots and many different poses! FOLLOW ME on social media to see them when they come out 😉

The “Top 20 video” was really cool, We introduced ourself and spoke about whatever we wanted! I shared how I want to become a Pediatric Rheumatologist and how I am a perseverant person and don’t give up !

For lunch we had @Cleanmeals who is an Official sponsor of Miss Teenage Canada! I ate spaghetti and vegetables! It was really delicious and really healthy! The portions were perfect and fulfilling! They are also low in calories and have a have a very nice variety and interesting menu ! Thank-you @Cleanmeals !😊

After lunch we had dance rehearsals and practiced how to stand and how to walk, after we got to dance!!!! It was honestly so much fun, since we are all doing different things at the same time but it will look amazing! So looking forward to this !!

After rehearsal we went back to our room and ate @Cleanmeals again! Always so yummy!! I had a vegetable chilli, it was honestly amazing ! I would definitely RECOMMEND CLEANMEALS for people who don’t have the time to cook healthy! It only takes a couple of minutes in the microwave and it’s done and ready to eat!

Stay tuned for the rest of my adventure as Miss Teenage Québec in Toronto @ Miss Teenage Canada

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